Okay gals, I'm back, I'm bored with my hair, and I need your help. 

For about a month now I've been scrolling through Pinterest swooning over all of the gorgeous tousled bobs that seem to be everywhere at the mo. Now, I've had short hair before (we're talking really short with a DIY undercut. Yep.) and I've taken literally years to grow it out to a decent length, but now that it's long I want it to be short. Ahhh why are girls so annoying ha ha.

I still want it long enough to tie up, as we all know I love me a low bun for work,  so there's no risk of me going back to the afore mentioned 2009 DIY jobby. But I'm pretty scared that my face is too round (chubby) to pull it off, and if I could be bothered to style it every morning (I'm a chuck-it-up-and-go kinda gal usually). But should I just go for it? Hair grows, right? RIGHT?!

Let me know whatcha think!

Jess x 

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