Hey Chicas! As if summer is here, last week it was drizzle central, but alas, today I am typing from a snazzy swing chair in the garden with my freckly shoulders catching the rays. Oh, and there's some goodies on the barbie that I'm going to tuck into later (inevitably I will end up with ketchup down my top but that's beside the point!)

As the sun has decided to put his hat on, I've put together a little mix of my summer accessory essentials (try saying that after a few mojitos!)... so let's get stuck in!

First up is this ridiculously cute pineapple clutch bag. I, like the rest of the world, am completely obsessed with pineys at the mo... pineapple candles, notebooks, and now bags. This being said, I am not a massive fan of the fruit itself (incase you were wondering!). Anyway, I picked up this baby in the Topshop sale a couple of seasons ago (soz) so I'm super happy that I can finally wear it! 

From a pineapple bag to a pineapple head...what a lark! This head scarf is an oldie but a very goodie. I picked it up from a charity shop years ago and it's been on nearly every holiday with me since... an essential for keeping my little freckly forehead from burning!

Neck scarves- another current obsession. I can't decide whether I look like a pirate or a French lady when I wear one, but that's okay by me. This navy guy was an absolute steal from Primark, and I've been using it to jazz up pretty much every outfit since buying it. Now to get my hands on a red one...

I'm quite partial to a felt fedora in the winter, but I've been loving this summer-inspired number from H&M recently. Perfect with little dresses, boots and a leather jacket for cute day drips,  or with a floaty maxi dress on the beach. Ahhh, the beach. 

Sunglasses? An essential summer accessory? Who woulda thought it. Well, I'm growing quite the collection (thanks Primark and your two pound jobbies) but these guys from Whistles are my ultimate faves. Let me know if you have any good ways of storing sunglasses as I can see this getting out of hand fairly soon...

And that's that! What's your ultimate summer accessory? I hope you all had amazing weekends lapping up the sunshine... let's hope he keeps his hat on!

Jess x

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