Sounds exciting huh? Forgive me, I could't find a better word than 'multifunctional' to describe this blouse, but for the gal that is pretty low maintenance (apart from with food, and then I get fussaaaay) then a blouse that can be worn for almost any occasion gets a yes from me. Tucked into black jeans and paired with heels for work, or some little shorts for going out out. Yep, I said out out, don't judge!

Onto this super swishy cardigan. Well, is it a cardigan? Or a waistcoat? Either way, it's very swishy which makes me very happy. As I've mentioned before (I'll change the record soon I swear) I'm obsessed with anything fluffy, tassled or pom pom related, so this little baby from H&M is a massive win. Perfect for throwing over a simple outfit to add a little somethin' somethin'.

             Blouse: H&M, Waistcoat thingy: H&M, Jeans: F&F at Tesco, Shoes: Birkenstock

Topping it all off with my trusty pair of Birkenstocks for all of the laid back summer vibezz. They'll be featuring in a lot of outfit posts over the next few months, so soz in advance!

Jess x


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