There's something quite daunting/odd/damn right freaking scary about posting a massive photo of your face on the internet for all to see. But anyway, here we are, freckles, rabbit teeth and all!!

Enough of the face, onto the shirt. I was browsing around town with my momma a few weeks ago and she piped up with the usual 'can we just pop to M&S', to which I groaned but followed her in, on the hope of bagging myself some Percy Pigs. That being said, it wasn't long before I was at the till with the best shirt I have had the joy of wearing and touching- YES, touching. The suede is so buttery soft and dreamy, I just can't get enough. Plus, it makes me feel like a sassy 70's cowboy when I wear it so what's not to love. 

Paired with a snazzy neck tie (taken from an ASOS dress), ankle grazers and suede boots for more 70's vibes. Whadda you think?

 Shirt: M&S, Neck Tie: ASOS, Jeans: F&F at Tesco, Boots: New Look

Big up to F&F at Tesco for their 'short' range of jeans- finally ankle grazers can aaaactually graze my ankles and don't have to be rolled up!

Hope you've all had a cracking weekend! I ventured to my nearest Wholefoods yesterday, and spent lots of money on food that sounds better than it tastes (quinoa crisps, I'm looking at you...).

Jess x


  1. Just gorgeous Jess, you look lovely! x

  2. eeeek such a sassy shirt! <3