So after a shee-ite day at work (we're talking forgetting your bank card, not being able to use the toll bridge and having to drive the longest route home, whilst getting tres hangry!), I took my grumpy self off to bed early after a big ol' glass of red. Still feeling sorry for myself, I quickly checked my emails before snuggling on down. That's when my frown turned upside down. ASOS, the little beauties had emailed me with that all important four letter word: SALE. 

Naturally, I don't waste any time and headed right on over! Here's what I picked up...

Deffo didn't need any more boots but come on, these are no ordinary boots! I'm always a fan of snakeskin, so as soon as I saw that paired with the dreamy 60's patchwork, all self control went out of the window. And they were only £17 so can you blame me?!

Thought this tailored jumpsuit would be perf for sassy nights out with some strappy heels, or just summer days with my Superga's. On second thoughts, the wrap over section might be a bit dodge, but I kinda like it!

I can't get enough of a high waisted, baggy trouser, and these pin striped bad boys are no exception. However, they might look ridiculous on me due to my lack of height (cheers, mum), but I thought I'd give them a whirl. Think they were under £20 so worth a shot!

Did you get anything from the ASOS sale this time around? What do you think of my picks?

Jess x

P.S. Working in an office always makes me want to sign off with 'Kind Regards, Jess' ha ha! Just me?!