Yup, this is me saying 'oh haiiii' in picture form! How are we, chicas? After red wine a'plenty last night, my pal and I headed to the nearest tea-serving place in town and took a few snaps along the way. 

I'm usually not one to be too 'matchy-matchy', but I was feeling the camel vibez when I got dressed this morning. This jacket is actually a dress in disguise! I've worn it buttoned up with the drawstring tie waist, but I'm seriously loving it as an open jacket, how v. versatile hey!


Hat: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Top: Topshop, Leggings: Zara, Boots: New Look, Bag: Vintage Chanel

I'm currently on a clothes buying ban for the remainder of March as my wardrobe is about to pop, so I've had to take drastic measures. That being said, I've already got my eye on the dreamiest of candy floss pink suits in Topshop, sooo let's see how long this lasts!

Jess x


  1. So so pretty Jess, you look lovely! x


  2. This outfit looks so nice and that dress looks great as a jacket! I've also put myself on a clothes/ spending ban - it never lasts very long though aha!

    Millie x | Millie’s Wardrobe