Quite a relevant title today- the below items are literally so dreamy and the struggle of my spending ban is becoming real. So fricken' real. 

Topshop and ASOS are ridiculously on it at the moment, so it would be rude not to have a browse and pick out some faves (some of which are already in the basket for when I'm spending ban free!).

Let's start with these puppies. The embroidery is gorgeous, and reminds me of 70s boho in all its glory. I'm thinking flowing blouses and turbans a'plenty. 

I'm imagining strutting into the office in this number in the spring, crisp white shirt, sassy heels, low bun. GIRL BOSS.

I mean, can we just take a second. The colour, that bow, that length. To top it off, I can just imagine the fabric feeling buttery soft. I'm thinking striped tops tucked in for summery days, and sassy crops for going 'out out'. Perfecto!

Seriously loving slogan tees at the moment, and this unicorn number from ASOS is no exception. I'm also a fan of these longer sleeves and the slouchy fit. Caj styles are always a winner in my eyes! 

Jeans, skirt and t-shirt all ASOS, pink suit from Topshop.

So what's the betting I click 'checkout' before my spending ban month is over? We're not even half way through, so this could get trickkaaaay.

Hope you're all having a fab March, I've been trying to make a big ass wool pom pom for my bedroom and it's taken me most of the month so far- hopefully it will be worth it when it's hanging from my ceiling in all its fluffy glory! Tutorial coming your way soon!

Jess x

** maaaaay have purchased some black jeans in H&M today but black jeans are essentials so they obvs don't count right? 

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  1. Those embroidered jeans are what fashion dreams are made of, so gorgeous! x