Seriously, how fast are these weeks going?  Not that I'm complaining that it's Friday again, helloooo gin.

To celebrate the end of the working week (can I get a 'hell yeaahh') I thought I'd do a little round up of five things I've been loving/wearing/listening to etc etc.

001: Instagram account I've been loving: @imhannahwhiting

With a feed full to the brim of pointy loafers, all things fluffy, and sassiness to boot, I'm forever getting wardrobe/general life envy!

002: Most played song: The Maccabees- Something Like Happiness

I went to see the babes that are The Maccabees not so long ago and quickly realised that every single song of theirs is a complete and utter toe-tapper. Including this one from their newest album, Marks to Prove it. Also, it helps that Orlando is pretty much the dream. 

003: Most worn items:

Super busy weeks at work and attempting to stay on track with going to the gym four nights a week make for some seriously comfy clothes when I settle in for the night... enter these cosy suede slippers from Next, and bright pink vintage sweatshirt. A glass of red wine may or may not also be involved...

004: Fave quote:

Love love love love this. When the grind gets too much, just remember this, gals!! How much does it remind you of The Devil Wears Prada, though? That film always reminds me of my bestie, eating Malteasers and having a good ol' goss on her bed! 
005: Fave new purchase: 

I spotted these absolute beauties in Primark and raced them to the till before you could say "seriously Jess, more shoes?!". It was at said till, where I was told that they had been reduced to 6 pounds. 6 English pounds. They did actually rip my feet apart on their first outing to the office, but I just can't be mad at them. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little round up, and I hope you all have wonderfully sassy weekends! Now, where's that gin...

Jess x

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