That's exactly what this post is about: my fave framed prints. I pondered for ages (okay, 2mins) on what they were actually called... signs, posters? Prints, yes. It's going to be a long day! These said prints are scattered around my flat in Hereford and are mostly just DIY jobbies (Pinterest and any old frame). 

This baby is on the back wall of the living room, and although it's probably a big ol' cliche I still think it's kinda cool. AMIRIGHT?

This little guy lives in the kitchen, and is probably my fave of all the prints. What a lark! You're probably imagining me moonwalking like a pro round my kitchen, whilst whisking up some treats but I'm saddened to admit that my skills in the moonwalking (and baking) department are pretty dire. 

On the wall opposite my bed is the home for this 'flourish' print. It reminds me to do just that when I wake up every morning! Because, sometimes when it's dark and raining outside, and you've hit snooze one (or five) too many times, a little reminder is needed. Oh, this beaut paisley bedding is from IKEA, incase you were wondering!

Lastly, this one reminds me of The Beatles 'she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah', and it always gets stuck in my head after looking at it! So apologies if you're randomly singing The Beatles all afternoon, my bad!

Hope y'all enjoyed this little roundup. Would you like to see more interior posts? Let me know, but in the meantime have a beaut weekend and I hope none of you can get out of your houses from all the Vday cards and flowers blocking the door!

Jess x

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