Hey huns! So, after vowing not to buy anything else in the sales, I came across this gorge black bucket bag in Topshop last week and couldn't leave it there. To justify it, I've put together a little 'what's in my bag', so that's fine right? RIGHT?

Now, the contents of my bag only look slightly organised because I've not had chance to chuck everything but the kitchen sink in yet. I'm not some sort of organised superhuman, nor did I clean my bag out beforehand... but give me two weeks and I'm sure it will be a haven for receipts and hair grips as per.

Car keys- Complete with bottle opener, obvs. 
Grubby purse- Old faithful Topshop number. 
Work phone- With snazzy inner pockets for business cards. So profesh.
Tangle teaser- Actual life saver. And it's glittery so that's all that really needs to be said.
Talk Like Ted- I really want to be better and more confident with delivering presentations, so I'm hoping this book will turn me into a pro. 
Essentials pouch- In here we have the likes of paracetamol, hair bobbles, a lemon drizzle cake recipe (yes it's an essential), some little worry dolls, debit card reader and keys. 

Cowshed hand cream- I had this little fella in a recent Birchbox, and it's not left my side since the weather has decided to turn my hands into those of a lizard. Do lizards even have hands? I digress..
Lipsticks- An obvious essential. But you have to carry at least one incase you change your mind throughout the day, right?

Glasses- Loving these Ray Ban specs at the mo. The subtle tortoiseshell frame and round shape are a dream, and they come complete with a blue tint to protect my eyes from any glare- snazzy.

Diary- My best pal bought me this diary for my Birthday back in August, and I've been wishing the time away waiting to use it. It's currently only filled up with gym classes and a dentist appointment but hopefully things will get more exciting!

Hope you enjoyed having a nose!

Jess x

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