Nope, not talking about my phone, a swiss army knife or something that could actually save your life. I'm talking about this suede and sheepskin coat of dreams. It has been referred to as a fleece, but those comments can't bring me down. Aaaand now I've got 'nobody can drag me dowwnnn' in my head.

Anywhoo, now that the weather has decided that it's actually winter, this coat has not left my back. Black faux sheepskin lined throughout, with dreamy navy blue suede, it's probably the cosiest thing I own (except for my worryingly large collection of onesies, but strutting around dressed as Sully from Monsters Inc is apparently not acceptable). Who said navy and black don't go together? It's fast becoming my fave colour combo.

 Coat: M&S
Lippy: New Look Pure Colour in 'Apricot'

This coat will probably feature in 90% of my outfit posts from here on in, so sorry 'bout it. Obviously the fact that I feel like a giant teddy bear when wearing it is a massive bonus, but I just love the slight 70s vibe. Whadda you think?

Jess x

P.S sorry if you now also have that 'nobody can drag me downnn' song in your head!


  1. Oh wow, that coat is beautiful! Such a cool piece! x

  2. Oh my goodness I love this coat and I well and truly have that song stuck in my head now! Great blog xxx