Happy Sunday, beauts! So I started off January with all the motivation to hit the gym and lose those extra Christmas pounds (damn you, cheeseboards). Alas, two weeks in and I've had to take some drastic measures in the form of new gym gear to get myself on the treadmill! 

Gone are my band t-shirts and muddy trainers, hellloooo monochrome goodness. These grey leggings are from H&M and are pretty decent quality, sports bra is from Nike via Sports Direct and ditto for the trainers. I'm not the owner of a six-pack just yet so unfortantley the sports bra will have to be covered up, sobs! 

I don't know about you, but I find it near impossible to run without some sort of shouty music in my ear, so I put together a snazzy new playlist to get me movin' and groovin'. Eww, sorry I swear I'm not a dad pretending to be hip.
Faves on my playlist have to be anything by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Arctic Monkeys. With a couple of sneaky Little Mix tunes thrown in for good measure, obvs.

How's your gym routine been going? Send motivation pls!! 

Jess x


  1. I've thought about it, but er I still haven't managed to join a gym or part with the cash! Outfits however will be top of my priorities! gurl gotta be comfy aaand stylish if I have to sweat right? like the look of the leggings! xx
    isobel's personal style blog

  2. Unfortunately i'm sort of in the same boat, I've bought some pretty work out gear but am yet to use it! Planning on joining the gym in the next few weeks though so hoping that will give me a big kick to get fit

    Distant Dreamer

    1. Good idea, I find it actually really helps! Good luck x