Eeeeeverywhere you go..... So today I'm really feeling the Christmas love. And I mean really. Yes, Smooth Christmas is currently playing in the office and I may or may not be sneakily turning it up a notch each time no-one is looking. The other night, my beaut flatmate and I picked up our Christmas tree from B&Q and then set about decorating it with as many glittery balls (ahem) as we could find. That is, once we'd finally squeezed it into my little bug of a car.

Obviously, the cosiest of pyjamas are obligitory when decorating the Christmas tree, and these babies from Primark do not disappoint. Apart from when you fall asleep in them and then wake up thinking you're in the Sahara.

This little hun is my favourite, isn't she perdy! We've gone for a pearl, rose gold and glitter combo which I must say I'm really enjoying. Do you guys stick to more traditional colours or do you like to branch out too? -see what i did there- Our decorations were from a mix of places really, some old and some new. Baubles were from B&M (i know right) and Ikea, the peacocks were from Sainsbury's and the others are a mixture of Fat Face and White Stuff i do believe.

Tomorrow i'm heading to Cardiff for a day of Christmas shopping with my mumma, and when I say Christmas shopping I really mean finding outfits for the upcoming festivities...

Jess x

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