Happy Holidays y'all! The 1st of December is tomorrow so I'm officially allowing myself to get into the spirit of things (yes, I have to reign myself in). 

Safe to say that the work secret santa can be a daunting experience, especially if you're a newbie. Basically, last year I thought it would be hilarrrrious to buy a colleague a festive themed man-thong. I thought wrong. 

Here's a little inspiration if you're stuck for what to buy your colleagues this year... I'll link to the products below 'cause I'm nice like that.

THE CHRISTMAS OBSESSIVE-  Christmas dinner headband- Claire's Accessories £8
 THE TECHY ONE- Camera lens mug- Ebay £4.99
THE PARTY ANIMAL- Personalised hangover kit- Etsy £4.99
THE GLAM ONE- Clinique mini gloss set- Boots £20
THE CLUMSY ONE- Mr bump mug- Truffle Shuffle £7.99
THE ONE WITH THE MESSY DESK- Desktop skip- Find Me a Gift £3.99
THE RADIO CHANGER- Happy Plugs ear phones- ASOS- 19.99
THE OFFICE BFF- Best bitches necklace- Etsy- 9.50

Hope that helps your shopping 'mare... I'm off to go collect our tree and indulge in an evening of decorating, mulled wine and Christmas songs. The dream!

Jess x


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