Trousers: Charity shop
Top: Charity shop
Shoes: Topshop
Big Necklace: Topshop
Small Necklace: Primark
Belt: H&M
Bag: Turkish Market

001: I had a rare saturday night off from work this weekend and what better way to spend it than boogying the night away with my gal pals in Bristol? I ventured up after work and after a gin and cranberry or two we headed into a town for a night of sticky floors and awful music (I'm sorry but I just cannot dance to a thumping techno beat). I managed to get a few snaps of my ensemble before going out so I thought I would show you what I wore! The trousers are my new faves and I love how they can be worn dressed up with heels or with biker boots for day wear. Besides that, they cost me all of three squids! 

002: How amazing is my uncle for bringing me this 'Chanel' bag back from his turkish hols?! Very.

003: Lastly, if you havn't noticed you might need to get some glasses, but I have had my hair chopped! I took my extensions out last week to give my hair a bit of a break, but they left it quite damaged and whispy at the ends so I took myself to Toni and Guy and had it all neatened up. What do you think? I actually think I prefer it to my long locks!


  1. I'm loving how you've paired your trousers with your top. Can I have your trousers please lol they are lovely!!

  2. love the bag, very cute :)

  3. Those trousers are such an amazing charity shop find! Love the whole look.

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  4. I love your trousers! I'm always too chicken to wear a pair but maybe I should take the plunge and try some as they look great! :)

    Heather xx