Coat £5.99 (!!!)
Watch £2.99 
Top £9.00 

001: Soooo I've sold some things on Ebay recently so I had a nice sum of money sitting in my Paypal account. I don't know why but for some reason I fail to believe it's real money and therefore can be spent willy nilly. So instead of being a sensible sally and transferring the money into my bank account, I thought I would just have a littttlllle mooch on Ebay to see if anything took my fancy. Like a swap, if you will. 

002: Now I know that this just looks like an old man's dressing gown. But with some black jeans and a chunky boot I'm thinking this bad boy could be attached to my back all winter. Hands up if you wish you could venture out wearing your dressing gown! Just me?

003: I needed a new watch ASAP (I cannot function without one, it's a disease), this one was 2.99 with free postage and a choice of colours. Couldn't argue with that. 

004: Saw Emma from Milkteef wearing this top in a recent outfit post and immediately went and ordered it. It came today and is really beautiful. I'm thinking leather look jeans and black fedora for drinks with the girls? I can almost taste the mojitos....

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