001: Sooo over the last month or so i have been er, enjoying what primark has to offer.  Lets just say my willpower is tested every morning on my walk to work. Just to add to things, mat lives in manchester and so when i'm visiting i somehow end up falling into the huuuuge one by picadilly. oops ! I have actually bought more than is shown but you probably don't want to see my undercrackers or boring plain tshirts soo i thought i'd stick with showing you the good stuff.

002: AZTEC BAG £6. Bought this bag from the primark in manchester, it was the first thing i picked up and i couldnt believe the price. It's actually really nice quality and will be perfect for holiday (not that i've actually booked one yet!)

003: BACKCOMBING BRUSH £1. Okay so this isn't going to win any prizes in the exciting contest but  it's come in so handy and does a good job of giving my hair some added vol. 

004: WHITE CROPPED TSHIRT £3. Again this is perfect for holidays and the summer with levis and maxi skirts but alas the english weather is not quite ready for that yet...

005: LOUNGE PANTS £6. I have so much love for these! They are cuffed around the ankles so they don't look toooo much like pyjama bottoms (or so i told myself after wearing them during a spontanious asda trip). 

006: BLUE AND WHITE SHIRT. I can't remember exactly how much this one cost but i think it was around £10. I love the coy carp pattern and oversized shape. It's much longer at the back aswell which makes it perfect for wearing with leggings- no bums out!

007: NECKLACE £4. This has got to be my favourite out of my recent purchases. The coral and blue colours are so pretty against the silver, i'll be wearing it to jazz up some plain white tshirts i think. 

008: RED DRESS. Love this dress but i'm thinking of purchasing some black Juju jellies to go with it as it's a little too girly for me at the momento. If you have any ideas of how to style this please leave me a comment!

009: SUNGLASSES £2. Thought i'd give my raybans a little break and i'm quite scared of losing them so bought these litle cheapies for just keeping in my bag. 

010: JEWELLERY: These ear cuffs were in a pack of three for about £1.50 and the earrings were £1. I don't know whether to wear them together or not, let me know what you think! Are you liking ear cuffs as much as me at the moment?!

011: I'd love to know what you think of my purchases, how you'd style them or if you've bought something similar recently! xo


  1. Hahah, I love the title to this post! I live in Manchester, the primark is huge! Love what you've brought
    Chloe xxxx

    1. Aw thanks Chloe- might bump into you in Manchester some day :) xoxo

  2. I always fall into shops :)
    Great buys.
    My favourites are the red print dress and the shirt.
    And all the jewellery!


  3. The red dress is gorgeous - and I love the title of this post, it happened to me at the weekend! x


  4. Cool blog! I love your outfits!

  5. glad you like the koi shirt, it's another of my prints : ) x