Recent Purchases: Mistletoe and Wine

Headband: H&M
Nail Polish: w7
Clinique Mascara
Shoes: Bellissimo 
Wellies: Primark
Cardigan: Topshop

Soooo i've been reserved in terms of shopping for myself during the lead up to christmas. All of the above are things that i ~needed~. With the exception of the sparkly polish and headband perhaps....

001: Needed some new mascara and this clinique one has had some glowing reviews so i thought i'd try it out. IT'S AMAZING.

002: After throwing away about 70 pairs of poorly made work shoes i decided to 'treat myself' to a decent pair that would a) be practical, and b) last me longer than two shifts. Now i don't really do practicality, so after trying on endless pairs of granny shoes with velcro sraps and cushioned lining i came across this leopard pair with velvet bows. LOVE. They are super comfy and made of italian leather so they are a dream to wear, however i can't bring myself to wear them outside (i know) so i bought this little pair of wellies to wear to and from work. Genius or crazy?

003: Those topshop velvet trousers that i posted about before were such a let down (most of the velvet brushed off after a wear or two) so i swapped them for this zip-up cardigan. The sleeves are black and the body is navy with greyish flecks so will go with loads hopefully. Band tshirts and slouchy cardigans ftw 

004: Ive also recently purchased a crown and glory hair bow so i shall post about that when it arrives in all its petrol-coloured glittery glory.

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  1. Gorgeous items you've picked up here! Particularly love that headband :)