Week in Pictures #7

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001: Don't think ive ever seen anything half as cute as this baby panda (i think its a panda). Set it as my phone wallpaper = constant smiles.

002: Tried my hand at halloween nails, and without a nail art pen i have to say it was pretty tricky! Currently eyeing some up on ebay from a chinese shop- has anyone bought nail art pens from ebay? Unfortunately my local boots doesn't stock models own (iknow!). 

003: Last weekend i went to drayton manor for a ~teambuilding~ day out with work, literally had a whale of a time! There were no ques for some reason, so we didnt wait longer than five minutes for any of the rides, result! Meany work collegues called me a 'tourist' as i was sporting a fetching pac-a-mac, rucksack, AA hoody and bobble hat. Always fashion first haha. 

004: Going to have another go at halloween nails tonight- has anyone got any easy peasy ideas? Did any of you dress up this weekend?

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  1. your nails look great! I was looking at some on ebay too but wasnt sure if they would be any good!

    ps.come check out my beauty giveaway :)