Sweet Winter Hello

Outfit 1. Coat: George @ Asda. Scarf: Warehouse (i think)
Outfit 2. Hat: My mums. Parka: h&m. Scarf: Vintage
Outfit 3: Hat: Kangol. Coat: River Island via carboot 
Outfit 4: Turban: Etsy. Coat: River Island via carboot. Blouse: Vintage

001: Please excuse my embarrassingly awkward posing but seeing as coats are all i seem to be frigging wearing the past week, i thought i'd dedicate a post to my winter coat collection. 

002: First one i got last year in asda, i cant remember how much it was but not much more than 30 probably. I really liked the military buttons at the time, but i don't wear it very often anymore. Nice and smart for family outings though..

003: The green parka has literally been one of my best purchases from h&m ever (big words), i got it a few years ago now so i'm loving that khaki is back ~in~ and i'm suitably prepared! 

004: I've mentioned this third coat before, was such a steal at £2 from a carboot a few weeks ago. I don't know why i keep rolling the sleeves up though, have a habit of doing that on everything! 

005: This isn't half of my winter coats but the ones that i probably wear most often. I might do a similar post on the rest of them along with jumpers etc soon if y'all are interested !

006: Do i need to wear a hat with everthing? yes. 

007: Title is from one of my favourite bands/artists Gregory and the Hawk. 

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