Keep or Return?!?!??!?!!?

001: So i had a Topshop voucher left over from my birthday and it was starting to burn a hole in my pocket, so, being a girl, i decided to buy anything that i vaguely liked without trying them on or giving them much thought. 

002: this black skater dress is so much nicer on the hanger (darn it!), i picked it up thinking it would be so ~versatile~ and it would go with everything etc etc but the cut is just really poor... its supposed to be oversized like a smock so i bought it in an 8 instead of my usual 1 because i didn't want it too big, but it just looks really odd, no? also there edges aren't hemmed and i didn't think this would bother me but alas it does...

003: i loved loved loved this green paisley pleated skirt when i saw it, but again now i've tried it on im just not so sure. you can't see in the pictures (badblogger) but its got one of those dipped hems that i promised myself i would never wear, and i just think it would be so much nicer if was short all the way around (haha). 

004: anyway i'd love to hear what you think xo

ps. the blouse in my last post is in the new lanadelray h&m advert- yay !


  1. Liking the photos although why cut your face off? We all want to see those beautiful eyes :)

  2. I love the skater skirt. Keep that!!

    Btw, I've tagged you in a Liebster award. All the info is on my blog. :) xx

    1. awww thanks amanda (i dont even know what that is haha, so new to this!) i've looked on your blog, so do i just answer the questions you left for me? thanks again though thats really sweet xo

  3. I agree with Amanda (who has fab style too!), you should keep the skirt!

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