Hair Woes

001: Okay the other day I was on a rubbish split shift at work (you know the feeling..) and so on my break I took it upon myself to get a haircut. great, i thought, no more split ends. I don't know why on the short walk to the hairdressers i decided it might be fun to get a fringe cut back in, despite trying to grow my previous one out for what seemed like a lifetime. Anyhow I am now stuck with this sidey fringey thing (pic1) and i cannot get along with it. 

002: Please help a gal out and suggest cool/hip/groovy ways to style a fringe. 

003: Thankfully, it's juuuuust about long enough to sweep back into a high pony/topknot. YES.

004: I'm trying to grow my hair at the moment (despite my spontaneous visit to the hairdressers), and i am hoping that one day in the near future my hair may well look like this:


  1. I think the side fringe suits you, actually. :) But you can make it into a little quiff if you're getting bored with it alraedy, or if it splits slightly backcomb it from underneath and the hair won't seperate. :)

    1. Aw thanks for the advice, I will have to have a play around with it :) xx

  2. Cool!!
    Lots of kisses, its awesome!