Dixi Wishlist

Oh hai Dixi, i want everything in your shop. 

If you havn't visited their website yet you must have been hibernating under a rock somewhere! I have a few dresses from Dixi and i love them because you don't face that fear of wearing the same Topshop dress as someone else... i hate that! I especially love the grecian black number for a special occasion, and the cross stone necklaces. I can see my bank balance taking a hit in the next couple of days...

Are there any online shops you love?


  1. Oh my, I've never actually hear of Dixi, looks like I have been living under a rock!!

    I usually shop a lot on BooHoo. They're my favourite online shop.

    I'm heading to Dixi right now though!! :D x

    1. Ahh that suprises me! Yeah you should deffo check out their website, there are usually some good discount codes lurking around too :) xx

  2. That turquoise playsuit/dress is amazing! Omg I need it :(

    Welcome to the blogging world Jess :) woo xx