Week in Pictures #2

gross beetroot couscous, 10am purchases, foureyes, try on sesh 1&2, gin&cranberry, new fave jeans, face, floordrobe, hair's growing, ready for the gym, gal pals

001: Hey beauts here's a round up of my week, mainly consisting of working, buying things and meeting up with friends. just the way i like it!

002: These tie dye jeans are my new fave things and were an absolute steal from primark for less than £15. can't go wrong as my mum would say!!

003: Going to try my hand at some more nail art hopefully in the next couple of days so if you have any (easy) designs you want to throw my way i'd be happy to give them a whirl.


  1. Really nice blog post! I love the tie dye jeans! Can't believe there from Primark! :)

    Jess http://riversiderose.blogspot.ie/

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