Glamour Mag
GOSH Lipstick 
Natural Collection 3 for £5 !!!
Lots of Nail Varnish
Identity London Watch: Argos
Pink Ombre Jumper: Topshop
Silver Peace Bracelet: Topshop

Excuse the less than great photo quality, I'm having a sleepover at mat's and forgot my camera so used his trusty Iphone. I havn't bought a great amount over the last week or so, mostly nail varnish by the looks, but it's pay day tomorrow (hoorah) so hopefully will have some more treats to post. 

This pink ombre jumper from Topshop is my new fave thing and i'm never taking it off and that's that. On another note.. WHY AM I BUYING JUMPERS IN AUGUST ?1?1?1!?!11??1?1?!

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